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9th-Mar-2006 10:20 pm
Kerry 20s
I admit that I'm a dunce when it comes to things that are protein, carbohydrates, and stuff like that. Proteins are good. Carbs, not so much. Or something. Anybody know a good website that will teach you exactly how to tell what is what?

Yes, I understand how ridiculous I sound.

My therapist asked me today what I eat in the morning, that makes me so tired when I get home I'm less enthused to exercise. Apparently the English Muffin I have for breakfast and the Quaker Oats for lunch are carbs, and this makes my sugar level tend to drop around 2, which makes me crave chocolate and candy tremendously. Then, after my sugar rush is sated, I crash.

She says I should balance my breakfasts and lunch with protein. This is all greek to me. Protein is egg? Cheese?

I am so not cut out to figure this stuff on my own.
10th-Mar-2006 11:04 am (UTC)
Milk also has protein, so cereal with milk, would be better than oatmeal made with water and a glass of milk with the english muffin might help as well. (Unless you are lactose intolerant, in which case, ignore everything that I just wrote!)
Cheese, dairy (including yogurt), beans, any kind of meat all have protein.

Interesting, I ate/drank homemade chicken broth for breakfast yesterday (I am very wierd when it comes to what I eat for breakfast!) and found that I was barely hungry all day....just had no desire for lunch. It was wierd, because I'm normally insanely hungry around noon. So the therapist has a point!!
10th-Mar-2006 02:12 pm (UTC)
I am looking for that reducing diet Chris got from our Dr. It's designed for the morbidly obese who, for health reasons, cannot exercize - so the diet is designed to help them shed enough weight to make exercize a possibility. Chris wasn't that heavy, but at the time execizing would trigger asthma attacks, which we all agreed was not happy.

But basically, the long and the short of it is the best types of reducing diets suggest you eat like a diabetic - hence, plenty of green veggies, lean meats. Not so much on the high-sugar fruits and veggies, NO CORN SYRUP! Not so much on oils and fats, and swap lean meat and most carbs (pasta, breads, etc) on the "pyramid). Also focus on those hard-to-digest carbs, since you can't absorb as much.

What I liked about this plan (aside from the 1200-1500 caloric intake) was the list of "free foods" that you could eat with wild abandon. Because you will get hungry.

We joked that this was the "steamed chicken and broccolli" diet.

And how do I connect the whole diabetic thing? Well, Type 2 runs in the family (so it's a "when" for me, not an "if." and what they ate pretty much parallelled the diet plan, though they did nasty things with the food like cook it within an inch of it's life.

Once I have the diet plan, I'll post it. I lost a decent amount of weight on it, then plateaued. I should have started exercizing, but I didn't and then I fell off the diet.
10th-Mar-2006 08:06 pm (UTC)
I hear you sister...when, not if for me too.

And it looms closer every day.
10th-Mar-2006 02:15 pm (UTC)
ah, you have hit upon a pet subject of mine.
Since I have a Carb intollerance, I have to be insanely aware of what is high in carbs. (we discovered it by the way because my 2pm slump was so bad I literally could not stay awake and I had heartburn so bad I was eating tums all day long even with prescription medication in my stomach.)

While I'm not advocating doing a full on Atkins type diet, their books and website tell you alot about what foods are high in carbs. They even have a quick resource for figuring out how many grams of carbs are in foods: http://www.atkins.com/carb-counter and a great group of articles on various carb and protien subjects: http://www.atkins.com/research-library

General guidelines, if it's starchy or sweet, it's probably high in carbs. White carbs (white bread, white rice, white potatoes, refined sugar) are the worst kind of carbs...You can jump in and make radical changes or you can start small, like simply try to avoid any sugary products, and exchange all your white bread products for whole wheat for a while.

oh yeah, and feel free to ask me a billion questions on the subject!
10th-Mar-2006 04:00 pm (UTC) - ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People like priestesm notwithstanding, CARBS ARE GOOD FOR YOU. Your body NEEDS them. Women, in particular, need more carbs than men. Just stick with complex carbs and natural sugars rather than artificial sugars. And eat carbs in moderation--just like everything else.

10th-Mar-2006 04:04 pm (UTC) - Re: ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, lots of yogurts are high in protein--nice option to have with breakfast or lunch. Cheese is great; hard cheeses are better than soft because they are stronger flavored, so less will satisfy. Lean meats are great. Beans are also high in protein. Tofu is good, *if* you like it. Fish is wonderful for protein, again if you like it.
11th-Mar-2006 12:25 am (UTC)
Peanut butter is also protein! If you spread two tablespoons of natural PB on your english muffin, that is a good thing. Funny - I've become so accustomed to natural PB I have a hard time eating Skippy or Jiff; they're just too sweet.

Speaking of english muffins, what kind do you eat? 'Cause the Thomas' Multi-Grain are really, really good.
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