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It's Not Just Losing Weight -- It's Regaining Health
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Question for ex-smokers 
11th-Apr-2006 03:48 pm
Team Eric
So here's the deal. I quit smoking November 1st after about 10 years of smoking. I started working out 4 days a week, every week in late December. I have lost NO pounds. I have been told that I look like I'm losing weight. Here's the question; how long after quiting smoking does your metobolism pick up again and pounds start shedding. I have not gained anything, so I suppose that's a plus. But while building muscle and losing inches is nice, I would like to see some reflection on the scale. Ex-smokers, any thoughts?
11th-Apr-2006 08:03 pm (UTC)
Leave one foot on the floor??

Really I just don't bother with a scale and trust the tape measure instead. I would love for the pounds to come off but I'll take them converting to something smaller.
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