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It's Not Just Losing Weight -- It's Regaining Health
Helping Each Other to Help Ourselves
::blink, blink:: 
14th-Jul-2006 10:39 pm
I guess this is what I get for falling asleep on the couch. ;)

Anyway, a bit of backstory: some years ago, my husband was diagnosed with HBP and was given this "reducing diet" which totally rocked. Both of us went on the plan (for as you all know, it is very difficult for one person to just diet). I think I lost something like ten pounds a month on this thing, then I plateaued got lazy and crashed. Eventually, we lost the piece of paper that told us how do do this thing. edit: yes, it does work, the point of failure was us being too lazy to begin exercising when we hit that first plateau. But 20 pounds in two months when we really did just sit on our asses all day. Not bad).

Last week, I got another copy of it because our Dr. is kinda cheesed that not only did my husband (and I) not lose the weight, we actually gained weight. So we're back on this thing. So now I thought I'd bring it to anyone interested.

I'll go into the specifics of the "diet" at another point. I have both a PDF and an excel spreadsheet for anyone interested (you can email me at araquenatyahoodotcom). It would be very helpful if anyone had some online space (like an ftp) to store the files for people who do not have email access. I'm mostly useless at this kind of thing, and I screwed up my dotmac webpage and lost the interface to my public folder.

And now I'm going to go back to sleep before I end up writing a doctoral dissertation.
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